Our curriculum

Our vision shapes our curriculum intentions

 We are determined to maintain the school’s Christian vision of ‘Growing together in mind, body and spirit’, providing a loving and nurturing environment where all can flourish. 

So we define our curriculum into the following areas, which are equally important:


The ‘mind’ is the ‘written curriculum’, where we aim to develop knowledge, reading, writing and mathematics. We deliver the National Curriculum for all subjects, with a particular focus on giving pupils a deep understanding and the ability to apply themselves using their literacy skills. The written curriculum includes our knowledge-rich literacy curriculum. We intend for our children to be playful, curious and engaged learners who then apply their knowledge independently with creative freedom.


The ‘body’ represents the wide range of curricular opportunities we offer alongside the breadth of ‘extra-curricular’ activities at our school. We offer a broader range of sport and music opportunities than you might normally expect in a typical primary school. We provide a residential experience each year in Key Stage 2.


This is the ‘character curriculum’ – what the children learn from the way they are treated and expected to behave. We want our pupils to have a positive attitude to learning, think of others before themselves, and do a good deed every day. We provide opportunities for our pupils to develop leadership skills. 


We live in a supportive community, in an area of outstanding beauty. We feel it is important for our pupils to appreciate and engage with this, so we have written local links into our curriculum. It is as much about giving (for example with our performances, visits to the care home, or beach cleans) as it is receiving volunteers and town groups into our school. 

We also live in a relative mono-culture, so an appreciation of diversity and the wider world is very important to our curriculum.


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