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Information for visitors

This page contains important information & advice about our commitment to keeping everyone safe.  Please ensure you read it before you start working with children in the school.

Contractors must sign and adhere to further conditions, and only begin work with the permission of the Site Supervisor.

Key staff for visitors:

Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead– Mr Steve Hitchcock

Office staff – Mrs Vicki Stone, Mrs Nadine Ebsworth and Mrs James

Site Supervisor and Health & Safety Leader – Mr Oli Force

Main First Aiders – Mrs Alison Wilkinson and Mrs Jackie Atkins

It is vital that adults provide a safe & secure site. Please read the following information before you sign in.

All visitors must:

  • Report to the school office
  • Wear a visitors badge at all times
  • Leave their mobile phones in the school office. Calls can only be taken and received from the school office.
  • Read this document and sign in to agree show you agree with and understand the contents of this booklet.
  • Sign out – this is very important in case of a fire alarm.

Visitors without DBS checks must be accompanied by school staff at all times.

St Peter’s is a secure site. Visitors can only exit via the main entrance.


Safeguarding – What to do if you are worried about a child. 

If you are working with a child and are concerned about comments the child makes, marks or bruising, changes in behaviour or demeanour, then this could be a vital sign that a child may be being neglected, experiencing physical, emotional or sexual harm or is being exposed to extreme views or has been radicalised. It is your duty to report these concerns to the Designated Safeguarding Leads without delay.

Concerns about the Headteacher must be escalated to the Chair of Governors.


All adults in school must adopt safe working practices.  Do not put yourself in a vulnerable situation with a child that could lead to misinterpretation.

Adults must react to any health & safety concerns in a way to reduce risk and report any concerns to the office immediately.

Fire alarm

  • Muster Point – School field
  • Evacuation Routes – Displayed in each room.

If the fire alarm should sound, please leave the building by the nearest safe exit and proceed to the assembly point on the field. Please do not re-enter the building until you are told it is safe to do so.

First Aid

The first aid point, first aider list, first aid kit & accident book is located in the school foyer. There is a phone or a red spot in each classroom to use in the event of an emergency. Dial 100 for reception, 9999 for emergency services, or send someone with the red spot to the school office.

Mobile phones, electronic devices and photographs

Visitors are not permitted to use their phones or electronic devices in the school or take photographs. If you need to check your phone, take or make a call, you must do this in the school office. Anyone found using their phone will be asked to show any pictures taken on the phone, or be reported to the police.


Key documents including: Keeping Children Safe in Education, Whistleblowing, Behaviour, SEND , Anti-Bullying Policy, Positive Handing Policy are located on our school website, or from the school office.

No Smoking

We are a non smoking site

School day and timetable

8:45 Gates open

8:55 Gates close and school starts

9:00 Daily maths practice.

9:30 Maths

10:30 Breaktime

10:45 Topic

12:00/12:10 Lunchtime

13:10 Topic

3:00 Worship

3:30 Hometime

Map of school

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