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#7 Final Video, Useful Links and Resources

We’re onto the final online safety video. This one is 4 minutes in length and is just a bit of a wrap-up. Throughout the previous emails I have shared tips and links to other useful information and below the video link I’ll share a few more.

Useful Links:

Internet Matters is a fantastic resource built for parents and carers, there is a tremendous amount of online safety information that is useful, such as:

·         All the most common risks and issues, along with accompanying advice according to the age of your children.

·         Setting up parental controls on all the devices your children use.

·         Gaming advice hub.

·         Social media advice hub.

·         Advice hub for children with special educational needs.

·         Screentime.

·         And much more.

Internet Matters

Are you worried about the way someone has been communicating with your child online? You can make a report to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre:

#6 – Screentime

Screen time is a very subjective area, different people will have different opinions. In this 4 minute video I give you my opinion about screentime and some advice. Below the video link I have also added some links which you should find useful.

The debate about screentime – Professor Sonia Livingstone is one of the most knowledgeable people in the UK when it comes to screentime and other issues that affect children. In this article she shares some useful insights:

Screentime – getting the balance right for different ages of children:

#5 Social Media

At just over 7 minutes in length, in this video I’m taking a look at social media. I’m only covering the basics as social media is it is huge, it is the one area where we find all the most serious issues (content, contact and conduct) but I have also included some links below the video link that I hope you will find useful.

Useful Links:

Common Sense Media – this is a one-stop shop to find further, useful information for parents. Whether it’s an app, a game or a book it’s a good chance it’s here. Just use the search bar at the top of the page.

TikTok Safety – TikTok have been introducing a few, useful safety and wellbeing features. You can find out all about these features here:

Instagram – a guide for parents.

Internet Watch Foundation – In the video I mention the IWF in relation to concerns over live streaming. You can have a look at the IWF live streaming report here:

Live streaming – risks and advice:

Social Media Risks and Rewards – guides to help your family navigate the risks and rewards that social media can bring as well as guides to the most popular social media apps:

#4 YouTube

Welcome to the 4th video in this series.

In this video we look at one of the most popular activities of children, YouTube. At 7 minutes in length I discuss what types of content is most popular with children and some of the risks and issues.

YouTube is supposed to be for children 13 years and over. If you’re not aware there is another version of YouTube which is specifically for younger children, called YouTube Kids. I quite like YouTube Kids, there are some great parental controls that can be used. However I have to say that the content on YouTube kids is for very young children, so it’s not a surprise to see younger children using the main YouTube service.

Click on the link or copy/paste the link into your browser. You will also find some links below the video link that you may find useful.

Useful Links:

Historically YouTube has only had one content filter available for parents, called Restricted Mode. There are now three, which allows parents to set a filter that is appropriate to the age of your child:

If you’re not aware of YouTube Kids have a look here:

YouTube moderation for parents:

#3 Online Gaming

Welcome to the third video of the series.

At just over 8 minutes in length I discuss the topic of online gaming and emphasise that whilst to some, gaming just means playing games, but to children it is quite different and there are 2 main reasons for this:

  • The majority of children play games for socialisation – their friendship groups.
  • A small number of children play games to escape something that is, or has, gone wrong in their lives. In other words, they use games as a coping mechanism.

Click on the link or copy/paste the link into your browser. You will also find some links below the video link that you may find useful.

Useful Links:

Gaming Hub – Lots of useful information here: gaming age guides, what you need to know, choosing the best games, setting limits and more:

Common Sense Media – If your child is asking you about a game and you’re not sure, it’s worth having a look on the Common Sense Media website where you can find advice and opinion about thousands of games.

Taming Gaming – this is a brilliant resource for parents, with lots of useful information. The site is owned by a father who is a big gaming enthusiast.

Online safety support for parents #2 The Three C’s

I mentioned in the previous email that you can’t know everything. It’s impossible to know all the risks and issues that our children might face online, much as it is impossible to know all the risks and issues they may face in the real world.

In this second video, which is just over 6 minutes, I discuss what is commonly called the 3C’s which refers to: Content, Contact and Conduct. 

The 3C’s is the easiest way of understanding risk regardless of whether you think you are tech savvy or not.

Click on the link or copy/paste the link into your browser. You will also find some links below the video link that you may find useful.

Useful Links:

There is a huge range of risks and concerns online. Below you will find links to some common concerns.

One of the main concerns from parents is related to adult content. Here is a link that will help you to learn a little more, tips to protect your child and how you can deal with it.

Another concern is related to youth produced sexual images (sometimes called sexting). Here you will find some very useful information. In particular I would recommend reading the document ‘Look at Me’. It is quite long but it gives many useful facts, particularly in relation to vulnerable children.

Online safety support for parents #1

Dear parents and carers,

I have purchased a series of short online training videos to better support you with the ever-changing digital world. They are really useful, so please find time to watch them! The first one is just 9 minutes.


Whatever the age of your child they will receive good online safety education in school, from early years through to college. But as parents and carers we need to know about and keep up with the risks and issues our children may face online. Importantly, we also need to know where to go for extra support.

My name is Alan Mackenzie. I specialise in the ever-changing and evolving area of online safety, mainly working in schools all over England and in this first video I will quickly introduce myself and define what online safety means. Many people think that online safety means keeping children safe online. That is correct, but it’s much more than that.

One of the most important messages I would like to get across is that you can’t know everything, neither can you watch your child 24/7. But as parents and carers we have natural curiosity; we know when something doesn’t feel right or something has changed and that’s when we investigate, mainly by talking to the child.

This first video is just over 9 minutes in length. Over a period of time you will receive another 6 emails from school, all with a link to a new video and some accompanying text. In some of the emails I will also include useful links, all of which will take you to free information and resources. There is nothing where you have to pay for anything.  

Although much of the information is okay for children, there is some information within the videos that is not appropriate, so please take appropriate precautions when watching any of the videos (e.g. wear headphones).

Just click on the link or copy/paste the link into your browser.

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