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Our Ethos

At St.Peter’s, we are a popular teacher led Nursery setting who cares for children aged 3-5 years old. We firmly believe that play is our vehicle for learning. Our children have all of the benefits not only of qualified teaching staff but also of high quality resources such as a forest school area, large outdoor play equipment, the school field and even the on site swimming pool. We know that rather than being the receivers, children should be the discoverers of their learning. Our children learn best when they show high levels of energy and fascination. So we take our direction from their interests, encouraging them to be curious individuals who can take risks, bounce back and challenge themselves to grow and learn. If our children are highly engaged in activities that are fun, there will be high attainment. Don’t just take our word for it, pop in and say hello by booking on to a school tour – email: or ring 01395 443167.

Thrill, Will and Skill in our Curriculum

Our curriculum and setting are both based on learning through play. We have a ‘Thrill, Will and Skill’ mantra in which we provoke learning and challenge through play and exploration together.


We tailor our curriculum to the needs of each child and the skills they need to develop to enable them to access more of the provision, more exploration and more challenge. We do this through fun activities such as ‘funky fingers’ and by taking problem solving activities into their play.



Parents as Partners


Getting to know you and your child is of utmost importance to us. We believe children’s ability to take on information and explore is directly in proportion to their feeling of well-being. Each child has their own peg, tray and square in the display boards to build ownership and self-esteem.

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We run ‘Stay and Play’, ‘Family Fun Days’ and evening events to help build the community foundations of our school and have a welcoming open door policy for you to come and see all the exciting things your child is experiencing throughout their time with us here.


Communication and Tapestry

sample tapetry

We believe that the stronger our links are with parents the better we can plan our provision to make a positive impact on your child’s learning. We are the first Foundation Stage Unit in the surrounding area to use an online communication programme called Tapestry. This allows parents to receive photographs and messages about their child’s development and activities during as they are recorded and in turn means parents can send us ‘WOW’ moments from home via their mobile phones and devices. This has also quashed the dreaded “What did you do today?”…”Nothing…” response!




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