Cherry Yr1 & 2

25 Cherry Blossoms Facts - Things You Didn't Know About Cherry Blossom Trees

Teacher: Miss Shepherd (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Murray (Thursday and Friday) Mr Coombs will be joining us again while he completes his SCITT course.

TA staff: Mrs Bishop, Mrs Beazer and Miss Forbes

Monday – PE

Tuesday – Swimming

Thursday – Forest school


Our first literacy unit is based on a story called ‘The Magic Jam Pot’. The text is below so you can read it at home if you get a chance. We will revise subject, verb and ‘extra bit’ as well as learn how to use a range of interesting sentence starters such as ‘One day…’

The Magic Jam Pot

Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Sam who lived with his father. Sam and his father only ever had bread and butter to eat because they were very poor. 

Early one morning, Sam was walking in the woods when he helped an old lady carry her bags home. The kind old lady was so happy she gave him a magic jam pot and told him the magic words to say if they ever wanted jam for his bread.

“Cook! Cook little pot. Make me sweet, delicious jam,” she revealed. “When the jam is cooked, you must say the magic words to stop it”, she warned. “Stop! Stop little pot. No more jam. That’s the lot.”

Sam thanked the kind lady and excitedly ran home to show his father. 

That evening, Sam and his father decided to try out the pot. “Cook! Cook little pot. Make me sweet, delicious jam,” said Sam.  Soon the pot was full of sweet, delicious jam. “Stop! Stop little pot. No more jam. That’s the lot” said Sam. The jam pot stopped cooking. 

One day, Sam was visiting his grandma when his father felt hungry. “Cook! Cook little pot. Make me sweet, delicious jam,” said his father. Soon the pot was full of sweet, sticky jam as hot as boiling soup. Unfortunately, he could not remember the words to make the pot stop! Oh dear! There was jam everywhere!  First, the jam poured out of the pot. Next, it oozed onto the floor.  After that, it trickled along the floor and through the door. Then, it spread into the rooms and out of the window.  Finally, it wobbled down the lane and across the fields until there was jam everywhere! 

When Sam came back, he couldn’t believe what had happened.  He shouted, “Stop! stop little pot. No more jam. That’s the lot.”  Luckily, the pot stopped. 

In the end, everyone had to eat jam for a whole month but they lived happily ever after!


To start the term, we will learn about mass, capacity, volume and temperature. Please see the scheme of learning document attached at the bottom for a full breakdown of our coverage.  

Science – All living things

Art – Sculpture

RE – Islam

Home Learning

Reading – RWI books daily

Doodle Maths –  10 minutes daily

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