Beech Class – Autumn Term 2021!

Welcome to Beech Class! We are so excited to welcome our new class and we know we’re going to have an amazing year together!

In class we have the following adults:

Mrs. Walshaw – Teacher for Monday and Tuesday Mrs. Dye – Teacher for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Miss. Sullivan – Teaching Assistant every morning Ms. Strickland – Teaching Assistant every morning Mrs Morrish – Teaching Monday afternoon for 1hr and Thursday afternoon for the whole afternoon to cover staff coaching time.

What we are learning…

This half term we are going to learning a lot about the natural world and the local environment. We are studying ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert Macfarlane and illustrated by the brilliant Jackie Morris. We will be learning about the wildlife within the school grounds and surrounding area and also looking at the River Otter and learning more about rivers.

Key Dates This Term

Coming soon….

Weekly Information

Wednesday and Friday- PE – Please send children in wearing PE kit.

Daily – Spelling books and reading books need to be in school every day.

Daily – Practise Doodle Maths. Will your child be a top doodler this week? 


Daily Reading: Please ensure your child is reading for 25 – 30 minutes every day. It is helpful for all children to read aloud to an adult during the week. Your role now may be more about asking questions about what they have read or explaining new vocabulary, but you are still a key part of your child’s reading journey.

  • Please ensure your child is reading for sense and meaning – of they are missing words out or adding them in, slow them down and get them to read less but really focus on it making sense. We remind them that they wouldn’t just accept it if they heard something that didn’t make sense so they should expect reading to make sense too.
  • If they do not understand a lot of what they are reading, encourage them to change books. Children love to read what their peers are reading but these texts (such as the higher level Harry Potters) can be too taxing for some readers. Instead, you could read these books to your child so that they are still able to ‘keep up’ with social discussions, or alternatively borrow the audio books from Budleigh Library and let them listen to them.
  • We highly recommend reading to your child even if they are now 10! Reading to someone creates a comforting atmosphere around reading and leads to an association between reading and security. Building this emotional link with books helps encourage life-long reading. It also offers opportunities to chat about new words, hidden meaning and shared experiences.

Reading Recommendations:

Do you have a reading recommendation? We would love to hear about it! We will be recommending books but we also welcome recommendations from the children and from our parents – the more the merrier!

Practise Doodle Maths. Will your child be a top doodler this week? 

Times tables – By the end of Year 4, all pupils should know all multiplication facts to 12 x 12 at speed. They are expected to answer within 6 seconds. We are going to be focussing on learning all times tables at speed this term. Children must be learning these at home and practising daily. Here are some simple suggestions for getting it into the daily routine:

Posters in the loo! This really does work!

Saying timetables every time they go up the stairs – and backwards down too!

Asking timetables questions on the way to school or when out on a walk.

Spotting house numbers and asking your child to say what times tables make that fact – e.g. 20 (4 x 5), (10 x 2) etc.

Doodle Maths has a timetables section on it

Stick and Split is available here.

Spellings – We have a new approach to spellings this year. Your child will be expected to practise their spellings on a daily basis to help learn the rules but they may not be tested at the same point every week or in quite the same way. The new approach involves testing each other throughout the week through dictations, individual word testing and games.

What do I do if I have a question or need to speak to a teacher? 
Please email the school office in the first instance.  They will either be able to answer your question directly or they will forward your email to us.  

We may contact you directly from time to time.  In those situations, please feel free to reply to us directly.  
We may call you if we need to speak to you about your child.  Please can you ensure the school office has an up to date phone number.

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