Birds of Prey - in today!

Thank you to the Devon Bird of Prey Centre for coming to St Peter’s as part of our bird science week. The children loved meeting the birds and were really inspired by them!Here are some of our favourite facts: 

Sonny J, ‘If we had the eyes of a Harris hawk, we would be able to read the headline of a newspaper from a mile away.’  

George M, ‘An eagle owl can crush a brick with its talons.’

Evelyn H, ‘A kestrel has UV sight. This helps them to see urine and find mice.’

Ruby C, ‘An eagle owl has a brain the size of a walnut.’

Zac C, ‘When a barn owl flaps its wings, it means it is happy.’

Maisie E, ‘A barn owl can hear the blood in your body swooshing around.’

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