British Cycling at St Peter's CoE Primary School for Year 5 and Year 6 - Further Details

We are pleased announce that we are continuing our work with British Cycling.  Justin Knox, a British Cycling coach, is coming to St Peter’s CoE Primary School on Thursday 4th October and Thursday 11th October.  We hope that these special days will help pupils to develop an increased awareness of health and well-being benefits that cycling brings – as well as develop their skills and have fun!


Thursday 4th October AM during curricular time: Year 5 pupils (mainly from Beech but possibly some from Oak)

Thursday 4th October PM during curricular time: Year 6 pupils (Ash)

Thursday 11th October AM during curricular time: Year 5 pupil (Oak)

Thursday 11th October PM during curricular time: Year 6 pupils (Ash)

Each session will last approximately one hour.


The sessions will include training on the use of gears, posture and race technique.  Pupils will take place in some team races – but these are ‘friendly’ races rather than competition based races.

Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient spaces for every Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.  Equally, we understand that not every child will want to participate.

In the event that more pupils want to take part than there are spaces, we will enter the names of all pupils into a hat and places will be allocated based up ‘luck of the draw’.


Bikes and helmets will be provided courtesy of British Cycling.

Pupils may bring their own helmet if they wish.  However, if your child’s helmet is unsuitable, then British Cycling will insist on wearing one of their helmets.

Pupils should wear cycling gloves – they are recommend for comfort and safety – but they are optional.  If your child does not own a pair, then they will still be allowed to take part.


Your child must arrive at school wearing their full school uniform with their cycling clothing in a bag.  They will be expected to get changed quickly before and after the session.  I recommend that pupils wear clothing that is comfortable for cycling, taking into consideration the weather and any possible changes – they do not need to bring PE kit.  Baggy clothing is not recommended for cycling as it can get caught in moving parts.

Given the season, your child should bring a waterproof coat into school.

Pupils must bring a full bottle of water, some healthy snacks (for after the session not during) and their inhaler/any other medication (even if they have not used it recently).

Important Message

We want all the pupils to have fun; we want all the pupils to be good ambassadors for St Peter’s CoE Primary School, including saying “Thank You” to Justin Knox at the end for hosting the event; and finally we want all the pupils to give 100% in all the activities – we cannot ask for anymore than their best.

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