Consultation to reduce the Planned Admission Number (PAN) at St Peter's C of E Primary School from 2023-2024

Due to a sizable reduction in the published birth rates for Budleigh Salterton and the surrounding catchment area, and no indication that this will change, St Peter’s plans to reduce it’s PAN (Planned Admission Number) from 40 to 30. This will allow for a controlled reduction in the size of the school, from 286 (current) to 210 pupils over a number of years. Allowing for a PAN of 30 would mean a single form entry. This would make it easier for the school to organise its resources effectively and efficiently. 

The reduction in PAN would mean that in September 2023, the school would admit a maximum of 30 pupils into its Reception class and move to eight classes, rather than nine. Continuing with this pattern, in Sept 2025, the school would then be reduced to seven classes. Please note: this does not affect the size of any other year group. It only affects the planned number of pupils coming into Reception each year. The intake into St Peter’s for September 2021 was 30, so we are already seeing fewer pupils coming into the school. This is the same for all local schools.  We do not anticipate any local pupils missing out on a place at St Peter’s, which is verified by the published birth rate data. 

Information from Simon Niles at DCC indicates that future cohort sizes will be around 30, and he agrees this is a sensible move. It is not anticipated that this will have any effect on the ability of the school to provide the same level of education. 

The consultation window is between 1 October and 31 January. Comments should be sent to, or via post to the school office: St Peter’s C of E Primary School, Moor Lane, Budleigh Salterton, EX9 6QF.

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