Eco Kitchen Update

“Naked cucumbers help the school eradicate single use plastic!”  


  • Our cucumbers from local supplier CJB Groceries now arrive naked and cardboard and paper have replaced plastic bags for our deliveries. We recycle the cardboard boxes they deliver in.
  • Reynolds butchers are now using the food safe polycarbonate gastro boxes we purchased to deliver our meat plastic free! This has reduced our single use plastic waste dramatically.
  • We no longer; buy plastic cups, wrap our melon or cover trays with cling film or buy crisps in plastic packaging.
  • We have taken all single use plastic pot puddings ie yogurts, mousse, sorbets off the menu.
  • School packed lunches are packed in paper bags. We no longer buy single use plastic water bottles for trips, as your children are now bringing in their own reusable water bottles.


  • After the summer term we will revert to reusable plastic trays to replace Fridays bag meal as we can reduce wastage by a third if we only do bag meals in the summer term when the children eat outside.


  • We separate our plastic bottles, tins and cardboard for recycling.
  • We now have a weekly food waste recycling collection from VIridor
  • These changes have reduced our non recycled rubbish by a whopping 90%!


  • Our current menu is one third meat free with five out of fifteen days either vegetarian or fish based. This is alongside menu development such as using 50/50 soy or vegetarian mince with beef mince in dishes like spaghetti bolognese and adapting recipes for example the sausage plait contains five different vegetables.
  • I currently grow our own fresh herbs at the back door of the kitchen and would be happy to use any other homegrown produce we can get our hands on!

I would be happy to receive your feedback, questions or ideas for the school kitchen. Contact me on

Juliette Smith, Catering Manager

St Peter's C of E Primary School

Moor Lane, Budleigh Salterton, Devon EX9 6QF

01395 443167

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