Fostering a love of reading - Thursday 13th December

Parents and the home environment are essential to the early teaching of reading and fostering a love of reading; children are more likely to continue to be readers in homes where books and reading are valued (Clark and Rumbold, 2006)

On Thursday 13th December, we would like to launch our own ‘Library for Grown-Ups’ (I am sure that someone can suggest a better name!).

Why? We all live very busy lives! Yet, we know that parents, guardians, carers and grandparents are very significant role models when it comes to demonstrating the value of reading, including reading for pleasure.  How often do your children see you reading a book? Or see you choosing a book for yourself? Or hear you talking about books?

We know that many families visit our school library regularly.  We love to see families sat on the beanbags after school enjoying books – especially those who stay until 16:30!  So it has been suggested to us – by parents – that we should have a small but high quality stock of books which adults can read too – either at the library or at home

On Thursday 13th December (not before as we cannot store them) can you please bring in/send in one book which you think other parents would enjoy.

  • Please donate: Do not send in a book which you expect to be returned – the book may become lost or damaged.
  • Please donate carefully: Is it a book which other people will want to read?  Is it in good condition?  Is it either a ‘classic’ or fairly recent/relevant?  Is the front cover and title suitable in a library used by children?
  • Please donate one book carefully: We do not have capacity (fortunately) for an entire collection of Jackie Collin’s or Danielle Steele!  At present we can only accept one book from each family.

The books will be stored on one of the top shelves in the library.  There will be no adult library cards – so no need to use the computer – instead feel free to borrow a book and then return the book when you have finished!

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