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  • Impulse control: This is your child’s ability to stop and think before acting; they may blurt things out. They may do unsafe things without thinking it through. They’re likely to rush through homework without checking it. They also may stop a job halfway through to go and do something else and have trouble following rules consistently.
  • Emotional control: This is your child’s ability to manage her feelings; they may have trouble accepting negative feedback. They also may overreact to little injustices. They may struggle to finish a task when something upsets them.
  • Flexibility: This is your child’s ability to roll with the punches and come up with new approaches when a plan fails. They don’t see other solutions. They get upset when change happens. They may get panicky and frustrated when they’re asked to do so.
  • Working memoryThis is your child’s ability to hold information in her mind and use it to complete a task. They have a hard time remembering directions, taking notes or understanding something you’ve just explained to them. If your child has trouble with working memory, you frequently may hear, “I forgot what I was going to say.”
  • Self-monitoringThis is your child’s ability to keep track of and evaluate her performance on regular tasks; they lack self-awareness. They can’t tell if their strategies are working. They may not even realize they have strategies. They often don’t know how to check their work. They may also have problems with Planning and prioritizing/Task initiation/Organization.

Then come along to an information session on:

 Executive Functioning

1:30 – 3pm repeated 3:30 – 5pm in the community room at Withycombe Raleigh C of E Primary School

on Friday 3rd November 2017


To book a place or ask for further information, please call Clare Hollingsworth on 01395-263397 ext2 and leave a message if no answer. Thank you.


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