Letter for Cyclocross on Tuesday 8th October: All Keys Stage 2 pupils welcome!

Dear Parents/Carers,

Exmouth Primary School Cyclocross race on Tuesday 8th October at Bicton Arena from 16:00 to 18:00

The Exmouth Primary School Cyclocross will be the first Cyclocross race run for Exmouth Primary Schools only.  Cyclocross racing is off road cycling, normally on grass surfaces, and is less technical than Mountain Bike racing.  It is about endurance at a fast pace!  

Mass Participation

The event will be a one lap only course and is designed for mass participation – you do not need to have ridden in a cycling race before.

Race Format

There will be races for the following age groups: Yr 3&4 Girls, Yr 3&4 Boys, Yr 5&6 Girls and Yr 5&6 Boys.

Whilst we will celebrate pupils and teams who finish in podium places, we will be also celebrating all the cyclists who represent the school at this event. 

Bicycle and helmet

Pupils must bring their own roadworthy bicycle and helmet.  Please check your child’s bicycle and helmet, or take it to a local bike shop to have it checked, prior to the event.

Please note that pupils without a cycle helmet (which fit) will not be allowed to participate.

Clothing, Food and Medication

We recommend that pupils wear clothing that is comfortable for cycling, taking into consideration the weather and any possible changes.  Baggy clothing is not recommended for cycling as it can get caught in moving parts.  In case the course is very muddy, pupils should bring a spare set of clothes.  Since the event is after school, please bring some warm clothing for when inactive. 

We recommend that pupils wear cycling gloves but these are not essential – please do not go and buy an expensive pair just for this event,

Pupils must bring a full bottle of water,some healthy snacks and their inhaler/any other medication (even if they have not used it recently). 


On this occasion we have been able to book one ECC minibus to transport seven pupils and their bikes to/from the event.  If your child wants to take part, but cannot be transported to/from the event, please e-mail plee@sps1.org.uk with your child’s name, their year group and the name of their class teacher(s).

If you have a bike rack and are willing to transport bikes on behalf of other pupils please let me know.

Staffing and Spectators

As part of our PE and School Sport vision we are encouraging lots of different members of staff to accompany teams to school sport events.

We would love to see lots of parents, guardians, grandparents etc supporting all the pupils at this event.


The representatives of Dartmoor School Sport Partnership may take photographs or video during events. These will be used to celebrate work, support training and other educational uses or promote the School Sport Partnership. The College Internet policy gives clear guidelines that will be adhered to about the use of such materials. If you have children who cannot be photographed or filmed then please let the organiser know before the event.

Important Message

We want all the pupils to have fun; we want all the pupilsto be good ambassadors for St Peter’s CoE Primary School, including saying “Thank You” to Mrs Kilburn at the end for hosting the event and “Thank You” to all the Young Sport Leaders/Marshalls who support the event; and finally we want all the pupils to give 100% in all the activities – we cannot ask for anymore than their best.

Mr Lee

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Phillip Lee                                                                                                   


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