Library Update for January 2019

We know that 2019 is going to be a great year for our Library!  

Key Changes

During the holidays, myself and Mrs Atkin have:

  • Refreshed the kinder boxes – some books have been removed and put into temporary storage whilst other books have been added.
  • Created a display of Key Stage 2 books with strong female characters
  • Resorted the wordless picture books and well illustrated picture books.  The books with a green dot are suitable for all pupils, whilst the books with a red dot may include complex themes e.g. conflict.  

Usborne Books

The white IKEA units in the middle of the room are now home to our Usborne reading collection.  These are to supplement (but not replace) the books band books.

There are eight sections with approximately over 14 titles in each ‘band’.  Within each of the ‘bands’ there are a range of books including traditional tales, myths and legends and historical events/figures.

  • Usborne Very First Reading plus some Usborne Phonics Books
  • Usborne First Reading Level 1 plus Usborne Farmyard Tales
  • Usborne First Reading Level 2
  • Usborne First Reading Level 3
  • Usborne First Reading Level 4
  • Usborne Young Reading Level 1
  • Usborne Young Reading Level 2
  • Usborne Young Reading Level 3

Usborne Very First Reading starts with books like ‘Stop that Cow’ and ‘Pirate Pat’ Usborne Young Reading Level 3 includes books such as ‘The Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ and ‘The 39 Steps’. If your child chose to read the Usborne books we recommend that they try to read every book in the ‘band’ before progressing on to the next ‘band’.

These books need to be treated as normal Library books i.e. scanned in and out using the computer.

Book Donations

Last term, several parents/grandparents approached the school about donating books for the Library.  It is fantastic if books which your children have enjoyed can be read by others…but at present our library is nearly full and we have approximately 16 boxes of books in storage.

If you are keen to donate books then we are specifically looking for two types of books at present:

  • High quality non-fiction books for children;  
  • Well illustrated picture books (may be wordless or include high quality writing) suitable for Key Stage 2 – this is clearly the hardest category!

If you are donating non-fiction books please ensure the content is ‘up to date’.  There is little demand for ICT themed books which include floppy disks, Mexico ’86 football annuals, or atlases which include East and West Germany! Although they could help pupils make some interesting historical comparisons!We know that 2019 is going to be a great year for our Library!

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