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The library is a really exciting place – but it can also be slightly overwhelming when you are not sure what book to read next.  In the past few weeks I have seen so many pupils walk past our white book island and head straight for the book shelves – or taking a ‘book band book’ from a colour box but miss the opportunity to choose a fun book alongside.
In the next few weeks, I will be including books from this section in my weekly review.  I hope to show how early readers, developing readers, confident readers and readers who are just beyond the highest book bands (but are not ready for a ‘heavy’ 200 page novel) can find brilliant books.
Please remember that I only include books which I have actually read in the past seven days.
Danny the Dragon written by Russel Punter and illustrated by Peter Cottrill
Some dragons are scary but not Danny. He loves to help his friends with his fiery breath. But Danny is in for a nasty surprise when a stranger arrives in town.
My son and I really enjoyed the book – a simple story structure with delightful illustrations.  Once Mr Marvo arrived in town we wondered what might happen to Danny and how this might make Danny feel.
This book is from the Usbourne First Reading: Level 3 (the First Reading Series comes in four levels from Level 1 to Level 4).  First Reading Level 3 titles have longer stories that encourage children to develop reading stamina. Stories have a strong element of repetition to help the reader gain confidence.  This book is approximately equal to a Turquoise book band. 
Pupils who are reading ‘book bands books’ (from the coloured tubs) may choose to read one of the Usbourne books alongside their book band book.  Please note that these Usbourne books have barcodes – so you will need to use your child’s library card to take them out.
Dinosaur Police written and illustrated by Sarah McIntyre
Dinoville Police Station was having a perfectly quiet morning – until the phone rang…”Red alert!” hollered Sergeant Stig O’Saurus. “There’s a rampaging T-Rex at the pizza factory!” The dino police hop in their vehicles and switch on their sirens faster than you can say “WOO WOO!” They try to arrest Trevor T-Rex who is gobbling pizzas meant for the town fair, but Trevor manages to escape…The walkie-talkies are out, the air squad is being called in to help – but Trevor is still on the loose…until the cheeky T-Rex runs through the building site and gets stuck in …CEMENT!  
I had lots of fun playing around with the voices in this Reception and Key Stage 1 book – the dialogue and illustrations really encourage variety in tone and volume.  No child – or adult – will be able to resist the fact that the book gives them permission to RAWRR at the top of their voice!  I will leave the ‘sounds’ on the last page as a surprise – remember children you have to make every ‘sound’ on the page!
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Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: Up, Up and Away! written by Tracey Corderoy and illustrated by Steven Lenton7
Three more stories of bravery and derring-do from our favourite baker boys! In the title story, Shifty and Sam lead the way in a wacky race that has been sabotaged by the one and only Red Rocket! But they soon thwart his dastardly ways and the rightful winner takes home the prize. When a mysterious parcel is delivered to the cafe, both Shifty and Sam claim ownership. A rift grows between the boys until a small knight rides to the rescue. Rich old Mrs Snootington is staying at the posh hotel in town, just as a spate of burglaries takes place. Can Shifty and Sam go undercover to catch the thief? Brilliant stories hilariously told by Tracey Corderoy and beautifully brought to life by Steven Lenton’s illustrations.  
As your child will be aware, Tracey Corderoy was one of the visiting authors at the recent Budleigh Literary Festival and hosted events at St Peter’s Primary School and Budleigh Library.  Do not be put off by the thickness of this book – its is actually three stories in one book.  Although, ‘Up, Up and Away’ is the title story, I preferred the second story ‘To Catch a Thief’.  These stories are filled with humour as the two friends tackle a cheat, a thief and finally each other!  Will be enjoyed by pupils from Year 2 to Year 5.
Want to tweet the author on your parents Twitter account? Send it to @TraceyCorderoy    
Tracey Corderoy does often reply to tweets.  Please copy in @BudleighStP and include the hashtags #StPetersPrimaryLoveReading and #Budleigh
A Bear Called Paddington written by Michael Bond and illustrated by Peggy Fortnum
Mr. and Mrs. Brown first met Paddington, a most endearing bear from Darkest Peru on a railway platform in London. A sign hanging around his neck said, “Please look after this bear. Thank you” So that is just what they did.

From the very first night when he attempted his first bath and ended up nearly flooding the house, Paddington was seldom far from imminent disaster. Jonathan and Judy were delighted with this havoc and even Mr. and Mrs. Brown had to admit that life seemed to be more filled with adventure when there was a bear in the house. 

We all know Paddington, but do you know all the stories and adventures of this charming and lovable bear?  Probably not!  This is a thoroughly enjoyable series – each chapter filled with a new escapade.  All pupils should read or listen to at least one Paddington story this year!
I recommend that you try to borrow the audio CD of the Paddington Series narrated by Stephen Fry (available for Topsham Library and possibly other libraries too).  The whole set is perfect for long car journeys – but since the chapters are relatively short and focus on a different series of events they are good for short journeys too.
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