Pupils using social media

I am aware that our pupils use a range of social media sites. Their latest favourite seems to be ‘Google Hangouts’.

My advice for parents is broadly as follows, with more comprehensive advice on our page here: https://st-peters-school.org.uk/parents/staying-safe-online-current-advice-for-parents/ 

  • Know what your children are using:
    • Get them to show you how it works.
    • Check the privacy settings. Are they broadcasting to the world? Remember, they will leave a digital footprint. Whatever you send up to the internet is there forever!
    • Regularly check what they are doing, saying or playing. Are they being respectful and safe?
  • It is best to use devices in communal areas so you can see what they are doing. A lot of secretive ‘stuff’ can go on in bedrooms. 
  • Are they getting enough exercise, are they eating well, and are they doing enough ‘proper’ talking to family and friends face to face? We would recommend only a few hours of screen time a day, including TV and computers. 
  • Remove screen time 2 hours before bed. Not only can the screens confuse the natural sleep patterns of the brain, children can remain ‘connected’ to social media or games if they are expecting a reply to a message. This creates stress, anxiety and restricts sleep.

Lastly, it is best to stick to the recommended ages for games and devices. The more parents stick to these, the easier it is for pupils to resist ‘peer pressure’ from friends who might be accessing over-age content. The earliest we would expect children to have a mobile phone is year 6.

Please do check out our resources page for more advice and knowledge.

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