Some important notices

Please help us with some small changes to our routines

Dear parents and carers,


We are making a few changes to address some of the workload issues our diligent teachers face, and to make the start of day routine easier for everyone.


Seeing the class teachers

I just want to clarify how you can access a class teacher when you need to see them. We are finding that some teachers are being inundated with requests at times when they are working hard to prepare lessons. It is also proving to be too difficult to take lots of messages in the line or at the classroom door, when the teachers are trying to settle the class and get them started for the day.

  • Before school is a busy time for teachers. It is highly unlikely they will be able to see you straight away. If you need to see a teacher, it is best to make an appointment to see them after school.
  • If you have not made an appointment, it will be at the teacher’s discretion whether they can see you or not. Please don’t be offended if they appear to be in a rush.
  • Please pass on messages in the morning via the school office, or one of the school leaders on the playground, or give your child a note to give to their class teacher.
  • If you need to deliver something that has been forgotten, please pass this to the school office.
  • If something is urgent, then you can speak to the school office, or see the Headteacher or Deputy.
  • When you do have a conversation with a teacher, please do this in private and not in front of the pupils.


The primary use of emails is to send parents the weekly newsletter. We have found that our staff are spending too much time responding to emails. This is time they need to spend assessing and preparing lessons.

  • If you feel it is important to let your teacher know something that isn’t urgent, please do email us. However, we will be using emails less, so please don’t expect a response.  
  • Emails will only be read outside of teaching time, so if you have an urgent matter that needs an immediate answer, please phone the school on 01395 443167 e.g. your child is unwell, there is different person picking up, or you have forgotten their swimming kit.
  • If you’d like to speak to the teacher in person on a non-urgent matter, please email the teacher to ask for an appointment.

After school

We know lots of parents like to stay behind to use the new play equipment next to the field or watch/wait for a club to finish. Please remember that you are responsible for your child and their behaviour at all times. It is important that behaviour expectations are consistent with what we ask of the children during the school day. This includes not allowing them to ride or scoot on the playground, climb trees, sit on the little house roof, or behave in a disrespectful way.

  • The school is not responsible for any accidents or incidents during this time.
  • Please be mindful of clubs that are starting or taking place, and be careful not to wander through them. For example, Netball Club on the playground.
  • If your child is not supervised, e.g. walking home independently, they will be expected to go straight home.
  • We would expect all families to be off the site by 4:45pm.


Classrooms are closed to parents and pupils after school. Please respect teachers’ need for privacy after school. They will have plenty of work to do to prepare for the next day or have confidential meetings,  and they need their personal space to get this work done.

Start of day routine

We are aiming to make the start of the day run more smoothly, develop pupil independence, and promote some self-discipline.

When the bell rings at 8:55am, we are asking parents to say goodbye to their children before they line up and then leave promptly please. For older children, and certainly those in KS2, it is preferable if you can do this before the bell sounds. We won’t be leading the children into class until all the parents have cleared the playground –  this is the main point to emphasise. There are of course some children who we have specific transition arrangements in place for, and these won’t change.

  • If something is urgent, or you need to get a message to the class teacher, then you can speak to the school office, see the Headteacher or Deputy on the playground, or give your child a letter to give to their class teacher.
  • Lots of children are arriving late at the moment. Please make sure you are here in good time.


We hope these little changes will add to the smooth running of the school.


Many thanks,


Steve and the team

St Peter's C of E Primary School

Moor Lane, Budleigh Salterton, Devon EX9 6QF

01395 443167

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