Spring music concert

Congratulations to all our performers last night. I was so proud to hear all your wonderful talents. The sun shone through the stained glass of the church and you all lit up the venue with your fantastic playing.

The range of instruments we heard was fantastic! It was great to hear Alan on bassoon, the brass section (especially with the Big Band!), woodwind, strings, our wonderful singers, Lucien drumming, piano, guitar, ukulele – and even Nick on the big double bass! My favourite was the James Bond string duet by Elliot and Tom – nice work!

Thank you to our lovely music teachers:
Graham Pearson
Paul Moger Taylor
Sue Stock
Louise Elliott
Chris Gould
Ros Lane
Karen Eaves
Rosie Lester.

And a big thank you to our music leader Melanie Lester for putting it all together!

Following a splendid drum roll, Head Teacher Steve Hitchcock announced the concert was in St Peter’s Church this evening as the concert has outgrown the school hall!

The programme commenced with an extract from the New World Symphony on brass, both trombones and trumpets, followed by a Saxophone solo, and Greensleeves on flute and guitars.

The new Ukulele band made their debut performance to the joy of the audience. 

We were treated to Indian Dance on the piano followed by a beautiful duet rendition of “Tomorrow”, and Echo on the piano. 

The classic solo “Castle on a Cloud” from Les Misèrable was very moving, followed by the double base which resonated in the ceilings of St Peter’s, the player diminutive next to his gigantic instrument. 

We were fortunate to be treated to a Double bass and bassoon both of which are classed as endangered instruments. Today the Oboe, Viola and French horns are also classed as endangered instruments. 

The strings brought to life The Ringmaster, both the roar of the Lions and the ponderous stroll of the Elephants.  The next saxophone and clarinet solos were well executed followed by some violin solos including jazz, a sporty number – The Sprinter – and recollections of the orient, an Irish reel, a nautical piece and the rock song “Refugee” on guitar. 

The girl-trio sang of Autumn Colour and “A spoonful of sugar!” Mary Poppins would have been proud. We enjoyed the James Bond theme tune on violins, Blues on the guitar and solo, with the Big Band to close the concert. 

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