St Peter's is becoming an eco-school

We know that our current consumption habits are not sustainable. The planet does not have enough resources for us to keep using them as we are. As we produce ever more, our air, water and soil are becoming polluted. Our lifestyles are destroying the planet.

At St Peter’s we recognise that we must make changes for the futures of the children that we teach.


Our journey this year will include:

  • Reducing single-use plastics This means we will stop using plastic that is used once and thrown away. We will also stop using glitter which is a microplastic. We will ask you to help when we introduce (single-use) plastic free packed lunches.


  • Using plastic more sensibly by, for example, investing in reusable pens and finding alternatives to plastic where possible.
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by calculating it, monitoring our energy consumption, planting trees, having meat free days and serving locally produced foods wherever possible.
  • Following Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to help us to minimise our waste. We know that reduction is the most important step but we will also make sure that throwing things ‘away’ is a very last resort.
  • Encouraging eco transport such as cycling, scooting, walking and car sharing.
  • Caring for our school grounds by finding ways to encourage a greater range of plants and wildlife.
  • Being courageous advocates for our planet by being brave enough to take a  stand where we see that it isn’t being cared for. We recognise that as well as taking individual responsibility, we need to challenge businesses and the government to prioritise looking after the environment.


This is just the start of our journey, we have big plans for the years to come and hope that you will join us in working to make these changes for the future of the children that we care for.


We hope that you will join us in the school hall from 3:30pm-4:30pm on Friday 2nd November for our Plastic Awareness Event. This will be an opportunity to find out more about this terms focus on becoming a single-use plastic free school. There will be information, stalls, and activities to help you to pack a (single-use) plastic-free packed lunch

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