Thank you from the Eco Champions

At the end of last half term,eco-champions took a tour of the hall during lunch time. They were very happy to see so many single-use plastic free lunches. They took photos of some which had been enjoyed!

Some good ideas which they saw being put into practice were:

  • Putting yogurt from a large pot into a reusable pot instead of buying lots of small packets or yogurt tubes.
  • Packing a piece of cheese instead of cheeses strings or babybel.
  • Packing fresh fruit instead of fruit winders or fruit bars.
  • Putting sandwiches into a reusable container instead of wrapping them in clingfilm.
  • Using a clever box with different compartments.

We noticed that there could be some unfairness in the eco-points scores as KS1 children were likely to have a school dinner more often. We will, therefore, do some calculating and work out the eco-point scores based on the average percentage of children from each class having school dinners.

We are very grateful that so many of you are packing plastic-free lunches and reducing waste.

Thank you!

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