Trip to the Buckfast Book Festival

Rowan and Chestnut were delighted to be chosen to participate at the Buckfast Abbey Children’s Book Festival.


Firstly we met Dan Metcalf, a familiar author, who actually came to talk to us at school back in September. Rowan were eager to tell him that his visit inspired them to read and enjoy the Dino War adventures. This time, Dan introduced his code breaking character, Lottie Lipton and the class became a part of the decision making process at hinge points in the story. Right or Left. Down dark alleys or along a damp tunnel. Which way would she turn to find the treasure?Before lunch in the beautiful grounds of the Abbey, Rowan were encouraged by “Stanly Smart Pants” author Alexander Martin, to create their own ‘cat’ inspired characters and tell of their adventures. Story maps, character descriptions and similes were shared and Alexander gathered cat sayings for his next book. Phoebe thought of ‘Catchat’ instead of Snapchat and Joel twisted the ‘X factor’ to a more feline ‘Cat factor’ for his setting. A Catastic morning!Finally, as captured on video, Coral Rumble delighted the class with her amusing poetry and engaging activities. Onomatopoeia and similes were the focus and the children had a smashing, banging and whizz popping fun composing and performing their poems. Buckfast Abbey Children’s Book festival continues on Saturday and Sunday if any children want to return with their families and friends. These days are free. Authors will be there to sign books too.
We look forward to meeting more authors and poets at the Budleigh Literary Festival in September, in particular the multi-million selling, award winning author Cressida Cowell, creator of the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and ‘The Wizards of Once series.


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