Will Fortnight 7th-21st October


7th – 21st OCTOBER 2019

  • To make adequate provision for your loved ones
  • To appoint guardians who will look after your children
  • To appoint executors who will be responsible for the administration of your estate
  • To ensure that those you want to benefit from your estate do benefit
  • The mitigation, or even elimination, of Inheritance Tax
  • To allow a surviving spouse or partner to benefit from the use of assets without them adding to the value of his or her estate which can be very important for long term care planning purposes

Have you made a Will?

It is a sad fact that most people die without making a Will and in these circumstances the law dictates how your estate will be distributed. The lack of a Will can cause problems for children which could prove costly and time-consuming to resolve.

There are a number of good reasons that you should make a Will:

We have reduced our fee for a basic Will for the Will fortnight. In addition, we will make a donation to St. Peter’s School for every Will made.

This service is open to all parents of children attending the school and school staff

Basic Will                £160 plus VAT* – we donate  £60.00

  Basic Joint Wills      £250 plus VAT* –  we donate £100.00

A Basic Will deals with

  • The appointment of Executors
  • A legacy (perhaps to the School)
  • Appointment of guardians for the children
  • No trusts being created.
  • All assets left to a named person or charity
  • Funeral wishes

Please contact our office on 01297 32345 to make an appointment Appointments can be held at the school

St Peter's C of E Primary School

Moor Lane, Budleigh Salterton, Devon EX9 6QF

01395 443167


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