World Book Day


Dear Parents and Carers,

This year, World Book day takes place on Thursday, 1st March. It celebrates the joy and wonder of reading for all children.


We are celebrating World Book Day this year by dressing up as a word. This is known as a vocabulary parade.

When I first heard of it I was daunted as a mum, as my costume-making skills require improvement. However,

I have had a look on the Internet and the possibilities are endless. Think of all of the adjectives you could use (brave, sleepy, courageous, shy, athletic, fierce, strong, generous, lost …) or nouns (taxi, predator, dragon, robot, sunshine, teacher, hero, doctor, cowboy, cowgirl ….).


Here are some ideas for you. It would be great if the word was written on a piece of paper / card for the child to have. These can then be used for us to create stories in class.
or Google ‘vocabulary parade’ for more ideas.


You can join us in building your child’s enthusiasm for books well beyond World Book Day by reading together regularly and joining your local library if you are not yet members. For more information about World Book Day and ideas on sharing books at home, visit

Children are never too young to start their journey with books, and the benefits of reading are enormous, so we hope you, like us, will use World Book Day to celebrate it with your child.

Kind regards,


Mrs V Dye                   Literacy Subject Leader

St Peter's C of E Primary School

Moor Lane, Budleigh Salterton, Devon EX9 6QF

01395 443167

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