Drone alert!

On Tuesday, Year 5 heard a talk about drones from two experts. We learnt that drones are used in so many areas of life, from deep-sea investigations (such as wreck salvages) to aiding in disaster zones, to surveying and learning about life outside our planet. We focussed on how drones aid in conservation efforts in many places, such as Africa. They monitor poaching, deforestation and the use of pesticides, to name a few. Large drones survey and send back data. Vans carrying smaller drones are

then deployed to areas where poaching, for example, has been seen. Finally, the vans send up the smaller drones and home in on the illegal activity, so that it can be stopped. We saw how the drones function, with motors and how the thrust is created.

The highlight was having the opportunity to see them in action on the school field. We were thrilled that children from Otterton and Drakes schools came.

We are grateful to Sue Briggs for organising this and it we had this opportunity to support us with our work on Africa, with our study of the evolution of flight and finally as a huge support for our new novel – the third in the ‘Heroes of the Jurassic Coast’ series.

Well done to Year 5 for their excellent behaviour – you were told that you are a credit to the school and a credit to your families.


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