Official library opening

The brass band opens proceedings.

We’ve been without a library since January 2017, but now we have a fantastic new facility to inspire generations of new readers.

I can’t tell you how much effort the community has put into getting this project off the ground and completed. It has taken a lot of fundraising, project management – and blood, sweat and tears!

Reading is important, because if you can read, you can learn anything about everything and everything about anything.
I think our children have no excuse now. Read avidly. Read widely. Devour books. They will build your knowledge, skills, intelligence, creativity and empathy.

The library has been dedicated to William and Sue Tee, to recognise their dedication to the school. William and Sue Tee have been friends to this school for some time now. They have both volunteered an enormous amount of their time – in school and on trips to London. William has served the school as a governor for a very long time – overseeing many changes. He has gone beyond the call of duty on so many occasions. It was almost like we had an extra member of staff. Both have officially retired from school duty now, and we thank them both wholeheartedly for their time and dedication.

We also thank all of the below for their help in fundraising. A real team effort. Apologies if I have missed anyone.

Local business:

Hays Travel
Rowan Tree

Local community groups:

Fryer Recreational Trust
Lord Clinton Estates
Budleigh Choir


Mrs JR Hayter – the bookcases are in memory of her late father.
Anne Horrell
Lesley Tapper
Michaela Jones
Laura Millman
Maria Malinowska
Whitfield family
Sawyer family
Burley family
Dixon family

Special thanks

Patrick Jones – painting event
Sali Sinclair + Adele – ballet show
Steve Andrews – Treasure Island
Sue and Martin Briggs – Exe to Axe

Special special thanks

Normans Family Trust
Our PTA – Big Cheese Disco and all the other events – Laura, Debbie, Nadine, Lorraine, Donna – and the whole gang.

Building work

Diocese of Exeter

Our governors

Especially William Tee, Maria Malinowska

From the school

Oli Force
Vicki Stone
Phill and Jackie
Debs and Helen

And Matt Bonds Signs, for donating the lovely opening plaque. 

A big thanks to local author Jan Oke. Here are her special words. 

Hello girls and boys, friends from the community and teachers.

Mr Hitchcock showed me round the library yesterday. It really is a marvellous place, with volunteer librarians to help you borrow the books and masses of books to choose from. You’re very lucky.

Mr Hitchcock has introduced me as the author of Naughty Bus and Major Glad, Major Dizzy, and being a children’s author does sometimes lead to invitations to open school libraries, but you might not know that this is a very special school for me because four of my children came here. And the boy in the book is my son Jack and he used to be one of you.

I got the idea to write Naughty Bus because I used to read lots of library books with my children, and I thought maybe I could write a story too. At first it was just a dream, but in the end I did it.

Reading books can do that – it can help you dream and then show you how to make your dreams a reality.

Reading books can make you laugh, and surprise you and teach you things you hadn’t known before. It can help you step into someone else’s life and understand their challenges and their triumphs. It will exercise the muscles of your imagination, which is important if you want to think independently and have new ideas of your own.

Reading will one day help you get a good job when you grow up, ensure you know what’s going on in the world and give you the tools to decide for yourself whose opinions you agree with and who’s talking nonsense. So it’s important.

Now is the time to learn to love reading. And there is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.

At your age, reading should be fun. And when you come here, bring a parent too and let them share the fun. Choose one book yourself and ask your parent to pick a book they’d like to read with you or to you. There’s lots of room in here, I know! Plenty of room for some grown-ups to get picking.

That’s enough from me. This is a very special day and I’m very grateful and proud to be part of it. So thank you for inviting me.

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