We are continuing to have a complaints from our neighbours about inconsiderate parking outside the school at pick up and drop off times. On a daily basis I witness dangerous parking and driving around the junction of Bedland’s Lane and Barn Lane that puts the children and public at risk. I have placed cones to try and denote where not to park to maintain a clear and safe junction, but I often watch these get moved or bumped out the way, or just parked beside by people needing the shortest possible walk into school.
We have had a few near misses outside the school and the school will always do its best to keep the children safe as they arrive at and leave school. To do this we have given the neighbours instruction to photograph offending vehicles and email these to the police and the school. I will also be doing the same and we hope the police will act appropriately toward these inconsiderate persons.
I am sure it is a very small minority that act this way, and collecting photos of offending vehicles will hopefuly prove this. So, to the majority of parents and guardians who are considerate to our neighbours and the safety of the children, thank you, and feel free to photograph any inconsiderate parking or driving you witness and send it into the school.
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