Soul Food - 10th July

Dear friends,

Saturday evening’s street party in Budleigh Salterton high street was very enjoyable. We walked from East Budleigh but thankfully got a lift back on what was a beautiful sunny day. A Town Crier, period entertainment and a ukulele band all added to the friendly joyful atmosphere.

Budleigh street party_2019.JPG

Such a well-attended community event was an appropriate precursor to the annual civic service held on Sunday afternoon in St. Peter’s with the new mayor, Cllr. Caz Sismore-Hunt in attendance.

In the morning service we were at All Saints East Budleigh where we hadn’t been since the Scarecrow Songs of Praise so a welcome return. My sermon dealt with both the universal nature of Christ’s saving work (for all people everywhere) contrasting that with the at best partial acceptance amongst human beings. If you’d like to read what I said just click here;

 Next Sunday is the 4th Sunday after Trinity (Proper 10)

I am at St. Peter’s for both the morning services and the festival evensong and Karen is in the villages. It is called a “festival” Evensong because it occurs right is the middle of the Music festival with which St. Peter’s is so closely associated.

Deuteronomy 30: 9-14. The word of God is near you – it is not so remote that we have to strain to hear. It reminds me of Jesus saying in Luke 17:21, “The kingdom of God is within you”

Colossians 1: 1-14. God wants us to have “life in all its fulness” as it says in John and here Paul too prays for our growth as human beings, a process called “bearing fruit” in the New Testament. This is in fact the purpose of God for every individual. To grow into the person that God always wanted us to be.

Luke 10: 25-37. Perhaps one of the best-known parables of Jesus in the New Testament. “The Good Samaritan” tells us not only who our neighbour is (all fellow human beings), but that neighbourliness is demonstrated when we answer their need.

RMC Dinner club – Monday 29th July

Please note the correct date – not August – as it says on some early pew sheets. A slightly different format this time. We meet on the terrace with the glorious sea views with a complimentary welcome drink. The Buffet has a mixture of hot and cold options including curry and rice, lasagne and a mushroom stroganoff (vegetarian) and cold meats and salad, followed by a selection of mini desserts. During coffee at the end Professor Louise Jacques (my wife!) will tell you a bit about her life and faith. All for just £16. Book through the office!

Roger Conant

East Budleigh is not only the birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh, but also of Roger Conant the founder of Salem Massachusetts. I met Michael Downes, of the Fairlynch museum at the street party on Saturday and talked about ways of honouring his memory in East Budleigh. His American descendants are fairly frequent visitors to East Budleigh and it does seem rather wonderful that two notable figures from American history are both from the same tiny Devon village. Did Roger and Sir Walter ever meet? Conant family tradition has it that they did.

The lighter side!

Recent technical problems in sending this email has meant that I have been cutting down on the amount of links and pictures included to see if that makes any difference. Still not sure….but I’ll try again anyway….The server’s strike.

Musical interlude.

Last week I wrote about beauty and how its absence could be described as a kind of spiritual poverty. My daughter Claire, as a prison officer, is no stranger to the grimier side of life proffered this track that seems to encapsulate the darker side of some of London’s less beautiful places. Harsh, grey and brutish but if you were born there what chance would any of us have?

Fig tree_2019.jpg

Our beautiful fruit laden fig tree

Thought for the day

It has always seemed to me that the whole point of Christianity is to make us better people, in the widest possible sense, and through us as better and growing individuals acting collectively affecting the world for the better. The New Testament calls this “bearing fruit” for the gospel. Sitting on my patio looking at our wonderful fig tree that all seemed to make perfect sense to me. This year the tree is laden, and we only discovered last year that figs are our favourite fruit.  The fig tree is mentioned throughout the Bible from Genesis 3:7 when their leaves were sewn together to cover Adam and Eve’s nakedness

And in Revelation 6:13, the last book of the Bible. A fig tree was used to symbolise the nation of Israel by Jesus in Luke 13:6. Let’s hope and pray that the bountiful tree in my garden symbolises the growing fruitfulness of the Raleigh Mission Community.

The Prayer for today is by J. Barrie Shepherd

Living each day to the full

Lord, let me live this day

As if it were my first day,

Or my last.

Let me bring to it

All the wonder and amazement of a new-born child;

The trust

That welcomes all I meet,

Expects of them only the best,

And grants them the benefit

Of every possible doubt;

But let me also bring

The wisdom and experience of the aged to this day,

The tenderness

That grows from years of care and gentle giving;

The hope

That has been forged through all the fires of doubt.

Love and peace,


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