Soul Food - 17th July

Dear friends,

The Budleigh Music festival got off to a brilliant start on Friday evening with a superb concert by “Soloists of the 12 ensemble”. The concert was recorded by BBC radio 3 for transmission in September. On Sunday evening we had a Festival choral evensong which attracted 69 people – a great turnout. Stephen Tanner, our musical director has succeeded in attracting some talented youngsters to join with our choir and they sounded magnificent.

The honours went to Eastern Europe in the tennis singles finals with Simona Halep from Romania (Hurrah!) winning the ladies final and Novak Djokovic from Serbia winning the men’s while England won the cricket world cup. I know some people are avid cricket fans, but it has never been a big part of my life always being more drawn by football.

In the morning I was at St. Peter’s and I spoke about the realities of having a faith, which is sometimes a struggle. But it always has been! The very name of the Jewish people is “Israel” which translated means “struggle with God” (this was the evening prayer reading) but at the morning services the parable of the good Samaritan was the gospel reading which led me to ask where the kingdom of God actually is, and the answer from Jesus is “The Kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21). Any way if you’d like to read what I said just click here;

Next Sunday 21st July is the 5th after Trinity (Proper 11)

I am in the villages this Sunday and Karen is at St. Peter’s and the set readings are as follows;

Andrei Rublev_three visitors.jpg

Genesis 18: 1-10a. The visit of the three men (The Lord in verse 1) to Abraham is one of the most enigmatic stories in the Bible and provided the subject matter for probably the most famous icon of all time, Andrei Rublev’s Trinity. In this icon the three men represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (from left to right) depicted as such through the colours of their clothes.

Colossians 1: 15-28. “The image of the invisible God” is a phrase that immediately testifies to the inadequacy of language when trying to express divinity, for something invisible cannot have an image, and yet we somehow know what Paul means. He then describes what Jesus has achieved for us “reconciling all things to himself”

Luke 10: 38-end. The story of Martha and Mary, coming as it does after the story of the good Samaritan is no accident. It affirms that discipleship is not only limited to love of neighbour but also love of God. The Samaritan and Mary belong together. Doing without listening can degenerate into purposeless busyness while listening without doing just mocks the words. We are told only two things about Mary – that she sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to Him. This story has nothing to do with the merits or otherwise of housework!

RMC Dinner club – Monday 29th July

Please note the correct date – not August – as it says on some early pew sheets. A slightly different format this time. We meet on the terrace with the glorious sea views with a complimentary welcome drink. The Buffet has a mixture of hot and cold options including curry and rice, lasagne and a mushroom stroganoff (vegetarian) and cold meats and salad, followed by a selection of mini desserts. During coffee at the end Professor Louise Jacques (my wife!) will tell you a bit about her life and faith. All for just £16. Book through the office!

The Lighter side!


Thought for the day

Our fortnightly discussion group considered COURAGE last week. It seems appropriate to capitalise the letters somehow. Courage stands firm and is the greatness of heart required to deal with life as it is dealt. It also means the bravery and boldness required to be or do something.

To varying degrees, we all recognised courage in those around us dealing with situations that nobody asked for and questioned whether we ourselves would be able to exhibit as much courage as others when put to the test. The truth is of course that we will never know until put to the test.  One contributor described courage as a victory over anxiety; Material anxiety, Spiritual anxiety and religious anxiety. Christians would never claim that only Christians can be courageous but that it requires courage to be a Christian in any age or context.

The Prayer for Today I found in a Roman Catholic prayer book called the Treasury of the Holy Spirit.

Slow me down Lord,

Ease the pounding of my heart

By the quieting of my mind.

Teach me the art of slowing down,

To look at a flower,

To chat to a friend,

To read a few lines from a good book.

Remind me each day of the fable

Of the hare and the tortoise,

That I may know that the race,

Is not always to the swift,

That there is more to life than

Increasing its speed.

Let me look upward into

The branches of the mighty oak

And know that it grew great and

Strong because it grew slowly and well.

Slow me down Lord, and inspire

Me to send my roots deep into

The soil of life’s enduring

Values that I may grow toward

The stars of my greater destiny.

Love and peace,


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