Musical Mayhem!

We held a fabulous concert at the hall last night.

The children were a credit to themselves and their music teachers. It was thrilling to see so many children playing so confidently, many of them very young and inexperienced.

[peg-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Brass section” type=”image” alt=”20160316_184305.jpg” image_size=”4128×2322″ peg_single_image_size=”w400″ ] [peg-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Ukulele club” type=”image” alt=”20160316_183506.jpg” image_size=”4128×2322″ peg_single_image_size=”w400″ ] [peg-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Otter Collective” type=”image” alt=”20160316_180335.jpg” image_size=”4128×2322″ peg_single_image_size=”w400″ ]

Well done to Mrs Lewis for arranging such a great night. Special thanks to:

  •  Paul Moger-Taylor- Otter Collective, Choir, Ukulele Group.
  •  Graham Pearson- Guitars, Woodwind and Otter Collective.
  •  Sam Pritchard- Drums
  •  Louise Elliott- Singing
  •  Ros Lane- Keyboard and Piano
  •  Chris Gould- Brass
  •  Anne Bradford- Pianist


The Otter Collective- Half Minute Waltz +  Brudenell Waltz


Evelyn Hitchcock (Piano) Pussy Cat


Oliver Roper (Piano) Hoe Down Medley


Iona Gray (Piano) Indian Tom Tom Trouble


Imogen Hitchcock (Piano) Indian Dance


Recorder Group- Gypsy Dance


Alex James (Guitar) Serenade


Nate James (Clarinet) Improvisation


Lily Barnsley (Guitar) La Bergamasca


Ukulele Group- The Lion Sleeps Tonight


Ryan Harris-Cotton, Frankie Bell, Maybel Gillingham, George Gillingham, Miles Dobel (Brass) Bb Blues


Grace Gillingham (Singing) The Crocodile


Lola Franks-Payne, Hope Eaton Terry and Miia Hunt (Singing) Ride on a Rainbow


Leo Wood (Drums) Drum Kit Composition


Joshua Hughes (Drums) We Will Rock You


School Choir- The Mermaid Song


Recorder Group

Grace Gillingham, Ryan Harris-Cotton, Henry Southan, Emily Garman, Joanna Garman, Iona Gray, Ayla Cheesman, Ruby Fogwill, Paige Price, Poppy Wilkinson, Nate James, Megan Adey, Hanna Skye White.


School Choir

Tom Eaves, Poppy Harrison, Raif Da Corsi, James Adesina, Frank Southan, Henry Southan, Emily Garman, Joanna Garman.


Ukulele Group

Eliza Turner, Katie Acres, Megan Bishop, Ruby Rose, Rihanna Shaw, Grace Gillingham, Jamie Billingham, Tom Eaves, Raif Da Corsi, Oliver Cornish, Jessica Thomas, Emily Garman, Joanna Garman, Iona Gray, Ashley Wilkinson, Marco Del Piccolo, Lucian Joselyne, Amelie Trial, Faith Holder, Fern Wilkinson, Eleanor Rose Hocking, Isla Dixon and Nicholas Eaves.


Otter Music Collective

Bethany Browring, Alex James, Annabel McGlashan, George Moger-Taylor, Cerys Morgan, Elliott Morgan, Max Jasper, Tom Eaves, Abigail Rose, Oliver Cornish, Poppy Harrison, Gareth Procter, Raif Da Corsi, Finlay Cotton, Stephen Blyth, Jack Curtis, Scarlett Gibbons, Edward Argent, Oliver Allars, Ned Mills, Jamie Billingham.


Sophie Renaud, Alice Henderson, Emily Mason, Isaac Mckeown, Olivia Jones.


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