Welcome back letter to parents

WELCOME BACK! Important information


Dear parents and carers,


A very warm welcome back to everyone, and a big welcome to all our new parents. We are very excited about the year ahead. It was great to see all the children, staff and classrooms looking so good yesterday!


We welcome our new members of staff, most of whom you know about already. However, at the end of the year we appointed Mrs Melanie Lester as our new music teacher and leader. She also works at Colyton Grammar School. We can’t wait to see the impact she makes on our already excellent provision.


There are a few changes to make you aware of before the year begins.



This year we are working on developing values around respect. We are teaching the children to treat others how they would like to be treated themselves. In the hall there is a fantastic display showing our ‘growing together’ tree. This encapsulates our school motto, and shows some of the other values that underpin respect: love, thankfulness, and compassion. We will be teaching the children about these values and looking for good role models.

In addition to this, we are aiming to become an eco school, with the children our eco champions. More on that later in the term.  


New toilets

The new toilets have been completed and they are wonderful!


New library

The library is completed, but there are a few more things to complete before it is operational. We also have some furniture to sort out on the inside to make sure the space is an inviting place to read. We have more intervention space this year, which is going to make life much easier. I have also moved offices – so you can now find me in the library too! Mr Lee is in the main school office with Mrs Stone.


We are having a big focus on reading this year. Mr Lee will be communicating separately about this.



We have overhauled our reward system. We found it had become inequitable and hard to manage, so we no longer have team points or headteacher stickers. Instead, each class will adopt an age appropriate reward system, and try to encourage children to want to do well for the good feeling it creates, and not for a shiny sticker! I shall of course miss seeing the children for headteacher awards, so I have asked the class teachers to still send children who have excelled to me and Mr Lee so we can say how proud we are of them.   


Key Stage leaders

This year, we hope to keep the leadership of the key stages very clear. If you have an issue, need support or have a query, can you please speak to these leaders in the first instance:

  • Mrs Broad – Preschool and Reception
  • Mr Hitchcock – KS1 (year 1 and 2)
  • Mr Lee – KS2 (Years 3 to 6)

Mr Lee is also the deputy headteacher now, so you can see him in my absence.

  • Mrs Fuller  – special educational needs across the school. Please find her in her office or contact via email afuller@sps1.org.uk



Please could you make sure you let us have your email address so we can keep you up to date with what is happening in school with the class newsletters. If you haven’t had the text message already, please complete this very short form before the end of the week https://goo.gl/jztCKR  . If you haven’t had a text message about this, please see the office as it means your phone number is out of date!


Other reminders

Coming back to school, it is always good to remind parents of a few expectations.


  • Plain black shoes or trainers only please. The children need to be able to run in their school shoes.
  • Ear rings have to be a plain stud.  Children will be asked to remove their ear rings for PE lessons.
  • No other jewellery, nail varnish or tattooes.
  • Please put a name label in everything. We send bags and bags of clothes to the charity shop. Putting names on the ends of sleeves, facing out, rather than in the collars, helps the children to find their own clothes more easily.


Packed lunch

  • We strongly encourage water only.
  • If children are regularly given unhealthy food to eat then we will speak to you about this. Fruit is better than a fruit substitute like ‘Fruit Winders’.


Whole class parent meeting – find out about expectations and the year ahead

And lastly, an early date for your diary. There is a whole class parents meeting on Tuesday 25th September. We request that all parents please try to attend these useful sessions. They start at 4pm, and are repeated at 4:30pm for those who have more than one child. I will supervise school age children either in the hall or on the field, depending on the weather.


If you have more than two children, or can’t make these sessions, the class teachers will make the information available to you via email or paper.


I’m really looking forward to the year ahead, and hope you are too. Remember, we’d rather know about something than not, so please come and see us with any concerns and questions.



Steve and the team.

St Peter's C of E Primary School

Moor Lane, Budleigh Salterton, Devon EX9 6QF

01395 443167


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